Boomers Look Ahead to 2016

Me being the mature, techno-geeky, forever young Baby Boomer that I am, I found the following bit of statistical info rather interesting:

A recent study by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) has concluded that baby boomers (or Zoomers, as the Canadians like to call them), those of us born between 1946 and 1964, will have certain behavior patterns as they approach 70 years old. According to NMI, 74% of boomers will be describing themselves as “not old”; 86% will be more pragmatic and and practical in their purchases, and much less concerned about being trendy and indulgent; 76% will still be using technology to stay connected with family and friends (at EONS, perhaps?); 93% will have more time to do things like travel, eat out and pursue hobbies; but only 63% see themselves as making some kind of move to a new abode, and just a paltry 9% of us old farts imagine themselves to be still in search of their dream home.

Nine percent.

Hopefully, that’s due to the fact that the other 91% have already found their palace, their Shangri-La, their Walden, if you will. At $28.12, Thoreau certainly got a deal. But hold on. Today’s Americans over 50 aren’t moving to the woods of Massachusetts to live out their lives. Oh no.

According to an AARP survey, the majority of boomers say they want to “age in place”, keeping the familiar bonds of personal and professional relationships close to their own back yard. Wanting to steer clear of retirement communities and nursing homes, the so-called “Boomer Consumer” will ensconce themselves in new communities built with an eye towards convenience, leisure, comfort and quality. Amenities such as more open space, but not wasted space, Jacuzzi tubs and fewer stairs, pools and exercise facilities are becoming more ubiquitous in these active adult communities, and today’s boomer, being the pragmatic and practical people they are, wouldn’t have it any other way.

At any rate, we members of the original Pepsi Generation don’t have to worry about all this until at least 2016, when the oldest of us hits the big 7-0. For me, it’s 2025. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to see if I can scrape up $28.12. There’s a cabin in the woods somewhere that’s calling my name.

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