Happy Thanksgiving!

The Harriman Team would like to extend warm wishes to our friends, family, customers, clients, vendors, colleagues and everyone else who celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday. We are so very grateful for the friends we have made from our forays into Facebook and Twitter; the help and camaraderie we’ve received from them has been much appreciated.

We are grateful for our family, spread out as they are over several states and soon another continent as well. We give thanks for our beautiful grandchildren: Ilissa, Shelby, Nathan, Matt, and Lilly, who bring so much joy into our lives. We give thanks for the health and comfort we enjoy, and the love we share.

And we give thanks for living in the greatest country on Earth, and for the protection of our servicemen and women all over the world who put they’re lives on the line every day to ensure our freedom.

We hope you’ll join us in wishing everyone you know a Happy Thanksgiving, and peace and joy the rest of this holiday season.

Update: Our hearts go out to those in Mumbai who have endured a most tragic and reprehensible attack, and we hope that they may recover quickly and that those responsible are swiftly caught and brought to justice.

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