Hello world!

Hi everyone, I have just gotten this blog up and running and hope to install a new theme and import my old blog into it in the very near future, so bookmark us and come back often to see the changes! Thanks for looking at us and see you soon!

Pat & Wayne Harriman

UPDATE: As you may see, I have got my new theme in place (Thesis, it’s great!), imported my old blog posts, and added an About page and some cool widgets. Next up will be to customize the look and feel of the blog itself. Not sure if I’m up to it, but you only live once…


  1. Jay Thompson

    Looking good Wayne! I’d suggest adding some local flavor pics to the image rotator, killing the comment from “Mr. WordPress” above this one, and adding a “contact us” page and/or a contact form in sidebar.

  2. admin

    Thanks Jay, I have killed the Mr. WordPress comment and will upload some local pics later, also will find a good contact plug-in to use. I appreciate the suggestions very much!

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