Help Our Military This Holiday Season

The good folks at E-Mail Our Military have a project going to help get mail to our   service members overseas this holiday season, and we are honored to help get the word out via this post. This is the seventh year running they have taken up this cause, and it’s a worthy one. As a veteran myself with two kids still in the military, I can’t stress enough the importance of letting our military men and women know how much they are appreciated, not only during the holidays, but all the time. Too often they are taken for granted or forgotten (unless you happen to have children in the military) and we think this is an important message and should be passed along.

You can contribute through the “Chip In!” widget over to the far right of the page, or you can use the one on the project’s home page located at the link above. For each $5.00 contribution they receive, they ship one of their “Holiday Love” packages stuffed with morale boosting holiday mail to our troops. If you’d rather not use the widget, you can also send mail and contributions to them at:

eMail Our Military
“Holiday Love”
8004 NW 154 Street, Suite 344
Miami Lakes, FL 33016

This project ends on December 1st. Whichever way you prefer, please take the time to help today, and ensure that a service member gets some holiday mail this year! And feel free to copy the widget and add it to your own blog; together we can help them meet their goal!

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