Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday, November 1st!

The sun is setting earlier and earlier every night; a chill has crept into the morning and evening air; the crystalline, white jacket of frost has coated cars, grass and roads, and even snow has graced us with its presence already. These things can be the signal of just one thing:

Halloween? Nope, but that’s close…

Thanksgiving? Nope, although we’re looking forward to the turkey and stuffing, the cranberry sauce, the gravy, pies, football games, and the tryptophan-induced coma that follows (OK, so turkey doesn’t REALLY make you sleepy, but don’t bust my bubble)…

Winter? Hmmph…let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?…

No, we mean the End of Daylight Saving Time!

Endof DST

Yes, we’ve saved all the daylight we can for this year, so this Sunday morning at 2 AM it’s time once again to set those clocks back an hour, pull the covers up over your head and sleep in an extra hour!And it’s a Sunday, too? How can we be so lucky?

To see how this crazy tradition got started, check back to my Spring Forward post. Otherwise, sleep well, O My Friends, and I’ll see you bright and early Sunday morning…but not too early – I’m sleepin’ in!

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