New Area Codes Creep into Connecticut

Mad Cat[UPDATE: I posted this back in 2009. After a delay of over four years, it appears this is finally happening. Read more by clicking this link: New CT Area Codes]

We’ve all done it.

We’ve made phone calls in a hurry and as we get listen for the first ring, we get that dreaded 3-tone warning that we’ve made a grievous error:

“doo, dah, dee…Please dial the numeral 1 plus an area code when making calls outside your local calling area…” . You grumble, hang up and redial the number using the area code, and resolve never to do it again. But you do. What a PITA. Well, if you were annoyed by that, be prepared to be more annoyed starting tomorrow, November, 14th.

As has been advertised for some time, the state of Connecticut will begin requiring the dialing of the full 10 digit phone number for all phone numbers in the state, regardless if it’s 100 miles away or next door. Because the current 203 and 860 area codes are quickly running out of numbers to assign to them, two new area codes will be added to the state calling procedures. The 203 area code is projected to run out of numbers next year, and the 860 area code should run out in 2011. When the 203 area code runs out, new phones in New Haven and Fairfield counties will be issued the area code 475, while everywhere else in the state, when the 860 numbers run out, new phones will be issued the area code 959. The new 475 code can start being issued on December 12th, but there is no official roll-out date for the 959 code.

This new procedure will be effective for all phones, whether landline, Internet-based, or cellular phone. Remember also, this will affect anything that uses a telephone number, such as life-safety systems, fax machines, Internet dial-up numbers, security systems, speed dialers, call forwarding settings and any equipment with a similar function. Don’t forget to reprogram those devices if you want to avoid that warning tone and waste time redialing your number.

Happy redialing Dialing!

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