Sonic Drive-In Coming to Wallingford CT??


UPDATE!! See our new post here for exciting news!

EVEN NEWER UPDATE: Sonic is a step closer to reality!


JUICY,  NEWEST UPDATE 5/4/10: Wallingford Sonic to Break Ground

UP-TO-THE-MINUTE UPDATE: Sonic of CT Breaks Ground for New Wallingford Drive-In

If what I heard is true, the Big Macs, Whoppers and Old Fashioned Hamburgers will soon be sharing the spotlight with a new neighbor. I just happened to check my Google Alerts and saw a Tweet by @sailormidori stating that Sonic Drive-In might be bringing their super-Sonic menu to the streets of Wallingford. Her proof? A job posting for a management position on

Sonic Job

As you can see, this baby hasn’t even been advertised in the paper yet, being scheduled to appear in the Hartford Courant on 8/2/09. You can also see the full job posting here. Up to now, the closest incarnation of the Oklahoma City-based car-side food service provider was 70 miles to the Northwest, in Kingston, NY. Now, if this job posting bears fruit, we here in Wallyworld will finally be able to relate to those weird commercials that Sonic has plastered all over the local TV stations. You know, where the highly annoying Pete and TJ sit in the front of their minivan and discuss stupid stuff about the Sonic menu or some other thing, followed by the sound effect of someone getting smacked in the face (presumably either Pete or TJ).

Anyway, the commercials might be awful, but the thought of getting curb-side service with a smile from a friendly, roller-skate wearing, freckled Carhop in a mini-skirt is pretty cool. In anticipation of this glorious event, I have already secured a place among the Sonic elite, the group of fast food aficionados called Sonic Cruisers. I’ll now get a monthly newsletter, a surprise on my birthday and other cool stuff. If you’re down for that kind of thing, you can sign up here.

I have no clue where in Wallingford they’re going to put the new Sonic, but there are a few locations I can think of, the now-barren lot where the famous Yankee Silversmith Inn once stood for one (the Dining Car was trucked off yesterday), or maybe where the old Brooks Pharmacy was. They’ll need a good sized lot to accommodate all the gazillion cars that will be parked, waiting to be car-hopped, and it stands to reason somewhere on Route 5 will get the nod. Anyway, we’ll keep a ear out for more info and post it here when we get it.

Man, now if this doesn’t happen my stomach will never forgive me.

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  1. Post
    The Harriman Team

    Thanks for stopping by, Ryan. So, I take it you less than approve of Sonic’s food quality? What exactly do you not like about them, was it something specific or just in general? I’ve never eaten at a Sonic so I can’t say if they’re good or bad, but judging by what I’ve seen on the web, they have a huge following. People have driven for hours just to get to a Sonic. That’s actually kind of obsessive, but it does say a lot about their popularity. I guess if and when they do come to Wallingford I’ll have to make my own assessment. If I don’t like it, I’ll be the first to say, “Ryan told me so”! Thanks again for commenting!

  2. Craig

    But where, Here in “Wallyworld”, will they find a “friendly, roller-skate wearing, freckled Carhop in a mini-skirt” to roller skate your dinner to you? I think they have all left for greener pastures.. I havent seen anyone matching THAT discription in town since Wal-Mart took over.. now its all Crazy looking, women with a Mustach, wearing the same clothes she was wearing a week ago, the flannel pajama bottoms with some cartoon character on them, rubber garden clogs (neon green or yellow) and a dirty white tee shirt with fod stains on the front, no bra and what used to be white sweat socks and dragging three dirty kids around by the arm. lol… All we need now is a “Stuckys” on RTE 5 and we’ll be in Red Neck Heaven!

  3. alan

    It’s about time we got some good fast food in this part of the country, lived in Oklahoma where there is a Sonic in every part of Tulsa, please Sonic don’t disappoint me or my belly.

  4. Post
    The Harriman Team

    C’mon Craig, I may be an old dude (well, middle-aged) but I’ve seen enough young ladies in Wallingford that are qualified to don the mini-skirt and skates to fill a Sonic or two. I’m sure management will be able to find a dozen or so to fill the bill. If they need a recruiter to ensure they meet the minimum standard, I’m sure I could find the time…

  5. Post
    The Harriman Team

    If they don’t put one in here I just might have to make a trip to Oklahoma City and remind them boys of their manners. Besides, I’d hate to have to print a retraction.

  6. craig

    lol…. I bet you’ll find plenty of Actually there are some cuties around.. problem is most of them will be pregnant in a year or less so I’m thinking Sonic will have to put a “no pregnancy” clause in their employment contracts… I can see it now..
    Ellie May: Here’s your order Sugar!
    Customer: Well, It’s about time.. What took you so long?
    Ellie May: Take it easy Buddy.. Lookit my belly, caint ya’ll see I’m skating for two?
    (Lest anyone thinks differently…. I AM joking here, there are tons of cute girls and beautiful women here in town who Im sure would make perfectly good car hops!) Ya know, If Sonic falls through, we could always use a Hooters….

  7. Post
  8. Craig

    lol…. whats wrong with Hooters?

    Hey we need something fun in town. Esp. down here by the tracks.. in the wasteland!

  9. Post
    The Harriman Team

    Oh, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Hooters; just sayin’ that I don’t think Wallingford would be very receptive to them coming to town. But, we can always hope…

  10. Greg

    I’m from Connecticut but lived in Iowa for five months in 2007. I frequented the Sonic there and while the food is good, what really makes Sonic great is the drink and dessert selection. The cherry limeade is unbelievable – so much so that I’ve tried (fairly successfully) to recreate the drink myself (equal parts MinuteMaid Cherry Limeade and Sprite). My only concern about a Sonic coming to Wallingford would be my frequent trips and expenditures there.

    Also, disregard all the rollerskating, perky freckled girl comments. I think only once in my time frequenting Sonic did I ever have my food delivered by someone on rollerskates, but it was a dude. Most of the time, it’s just a worker, male or female, in sneakers walking it to your car.

  11. Post
    The Harriman Team

    Greg: I’ve heard similar things from others who don’t care for Sonic’s food. They almost universally said the drinks and desserts are worth the trip. If that’s the truth, I can live with it. That Cherry Limeade sounds pretty good! But…

    no roller skating carhops?? Now that would take all the fun out of it. I was kinda looking forward to that in a sick, retro kind of way. The same way I miss the old Chucky’s Diner that used to stand where Chili’s and Dunkin Donuts are now, on Route 5 between Home Depot and Wallingford Buick. The black and white tiled floor, red vinyl bench seats and jukebox combined with the rock ‘n roll paraphernalia on the walls to make a passably old fashioned dining experience. Let’s hope they have at least 1 or 2 skaters, just for the fun of it.

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  15. Craig

    I always wanted to go eat there but never did… it was only around a few years when I came to Wallingford and then the “Chili Pepper” took over.. lol Id love to see a 50’s – 60’s retro type drive in open in town.. I like Chicks in West Haven in the summer with the open walls of course, Wallingford has to ocean views but I dont think it would matter much as long as the openings werent too close to RTE5 id hate to sit and eat a cheese burger and smell Traffic fumes from the cars going by. it would be cool though to have someplace like that…. rock and roll, no disco, rap, top 40 stuff, just old school rock, cruise nights.. ..sweet!!

  16. Angie

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!
    i cannot believe that we’re getting a sonic….this is by far the best thing to ever happen to wallingford since ihop opening!

  17. Post
  18. Greg

    Craig, it’s not that I don’t like the food. I do like it. But what really separates Sonic from other fast food restaurants are the drinks and desserts.

  19. Craig

    lol we all have the weekend on our minds dont we? Man i can go for a REAL cheese burger right now… Must…find…. char broiled burgers!!!

  20. Post
    The Harriman Team

    Hi Angie! Looks like from your Facebook profile you’re friends with our niece, Cassy Senna. Welcome!

    Yes, it looks like Sonic is coming, although it could be a while before you get your first Route 44 upgrade. By the time they pick a site, get all the zoning/planning red tape out of the way, build the box, hire the staff and fire up the grills it could be many months. Just don’t give up hope, OK? I can taste that Cherry Limeade now…

  21. Craig

    Hey Angi, I LOVE that new iHOP.. went there for my Birthday this year, I havent been to one in soooo long! I think the last one i was in was in the Miami Florida area back in 04… lol

  22. Post
  23. Nick

    yoo i have been waiting for a sonic, i yell at those commercials every time they come on because i had sonic once in SC and it was amazing and i never had the privilege ever again so sonic please come to wallingford i would also work there if possible that would be awesome

  24. Post
    The Harriman Team

    Well Nick, we’re fairly certain it’s gonna happen, only thing left to learn is how long t will take and where it’s going. I know that Robert Mesite, owner of the Yankee Silversmith Inn, has talked to Sonic, but that really means nothing, as he’s talked to others who are interested in that site, too. We’ll just have to wait and see what develops.

  25. rachel

    The thought of SONIC coming to CT is awesome! Being born and raised in TX I’ve become somewhat spoiled to have their burgers or famous footlong coney whenever I wanted. It would definitely be easier to drive to Wallingford instead of New Jersey or Pennsylvania. I hope that these rumors are true so everyone up here can experience SONIC drive-thru’s!!

  26. Post
    The Harriman Team

    Hi Rachel, yes it will be nice when Sonic opens here. The closest one now is actually in Kingston NY, only 70 miles away. I say “only”, but I’m not about to drive there just for a fast food meal, no matter how good it is! I’ll just wait patiently until they open in Wallingford, then chow down to my heart’s content!

  27. craig

    I have never had Sonic’s food and you are all making it sound like it’s the best..But seriously though, Isnt there enough dirve ins/ drive throughs/ fast food joints in town now? id much rather see a really nice, classy sit down resturaunt.. we need more things like that. We also need a good, Old fashioned Deli.. lol I will try Sonic when it comes but if I like the food as much as you all say you do.. i’m gonna be really PO’d… lol
    I DONT want to have to fight another craving like I do for those darned BBQ Chicken chunks at Walmart!!!!!

  28. Post
    The Harriman Team

    Craig, you don’t like Vinnie’s Deli? I don’t eat there often, but when I have it’s been very good. Of course, I’ve never eaten at a “real” deli, but Vinnie’s ain’t half bad. I agree about the classy restaurant. Eating in the Dining Car at Yankee Silversmith was pretty nice but, alas, that’s now in the annals of history. I think they should move Ruth’s Chris from Newington to Wallingford or maybe open a Michael Jordan Steakhouse. Maybe we can persuade Wolfgang Puck to open another Spago here on the East Coast! I ate at the one in Beverly Hills a few years ago and it was da bomb, but pricey: $150+ just for me,but the food was primo!

  29. craig

    TO be truthful, I have never been to Vinnie’s. I’ll give it a shot though.. where is it?

    As for a nice Sit down Dinner, Im not knocking any of our resturaunts we have now, jusy the fact that theres more fast food along RTE 5 than anything.. they just might have the car dealerships beat…lol

    So, is anyone addicted to Wal-Mart’s BBQ Chicken Chunks like I am? The ones you buy already cooked and fresh from the heat lamps? lol I think they sprinkle crack on them or something, Seriously, I will be at home, doing whatever and all of a sudden, I’m like a Fiend, heading to Wal-Mart for a “Fix”

  30. Post
  31. Erik

    Is it maybe going in that big lot by the indoor race track and the bowling alley? There’s a permit request pinned up on the sign out front but I haven’t been able to read it yet. Also, their post in the currant lists the address to send resumes as 944 north colony which, according to google maps, is by the old Tommy ks.

  32. Post
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  34. Travis L

    OMG!!! I can’t wait for this to open. I hope it’s true. I grew up in the south. Sonic is soooooo good. I can’t wait to order a chilli cheese coney, cheese fries and a vanilla coke. mmmmmmmm

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  36. Cory

    I can’t wait for this to be opened. It gives car lovers a place to meet and enjoy the two loves of life. Food & Cars!

    Meets like this event: Make A Wish Foundation.

    I’m currently trying to get in touch with the owners to see if such an event can be placed at the new location. It will drive business to the new location “literally” and free advertising on most every local car forum.

  37. Post
    The Harriman Team

    Hey, sounds good to us, Cory! We’ve just become affiliated with the Make-A-Wish Foundation ourselves so we think that’s a great idea! Bob Mesite has said that if the Wallingford Sonic was approved – which it WAS – he can have it open by summertime. Your car show would be perfect to have there after the initial traffic surge has died down. Check out Sonic of CT’s web site at There’s a Contact Form there, drop him a line about the car show idea!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  38. the animal haven

    If this goes through and there is a regular cruise night, id love to be there and set up a booth / table and get the word about pet adoption abd our shelter out… maybe bring a pet or two also…

  39. KB

    The Yankee Silversmith site was a good guess. I saw them putting up the “coming soon” sign today.

  40. Post
    Harriman Real Estate

    Yes, we saw it too! I think they’re shooting for a June opening, but I’m not sure that’s doable. They haven’t even broke ground yet, and June is just 8 weeks away. If they’re going to make it, they need to get hopping!

  41. DAWN

    Wallingford is getting Sonic, right on Rto 5, near meriden line, exit 66 on Rt 15.. the trucks were clearing the lot on Thursday hopefully it will be up before the summer ends so we can have some of their great frozen drinks. now at least I don’t have to travel down south to go to a Sonic… does anyone know if there is a Waffle House coming anytime soon>?? to CT???

  42. Post
    Harriman Real Estate

    Yup, they will officially be breaking ground at 3pm on Monday the 17th, and hope to have their grand opening in July. Check out their web site:

    I checked the Waffle House web site and there is no indication that they are opening any new stores in Connecticut, or anywhere else for that matter. The closest one to us seems to be in Pennsylvania.
    .-= Harriman Real Estate´s last blog ..$205000 MLS® 9 Tompkins Ave =-.

  43. Post
  44. Cynthia

    SO SO SO excited..I am about 45 mins from Wallingford but I bet I WILL be traveling for this…THANKS soo much and GOOD LUCK!!!

  45. Post
    Harriman Real Estate

    We’re eagerly anticipating the first opening in a couple of weeks too! There will be 7 more opening after Wallingford’s, including Milford and New Haven I think, so those will be a little closer for you!

  46. Lucille

    I lived in Ct all my life ..moved to Las vegas was there for 4 years, The Sonics there where awsome i wish they would build one closer to the Hartford area like Newington or Wethersfield even Rocky Hill would be great

  47. Post
    Harriman Real Estate

    Well Lucille, if Sonic has their way, your wish will come true. They are already approved for a Sonic in Manchester to be located at 90 Buckland Street. Plus, they are opening 6 other locations around the state, and one of the tentative sites is in or near Hartford! To keep up on all the Sonic news, I would recommend going to their web site,, and sign up for the newsletter. In addition to finding out about future openings, you’ll get news about promotions, coupons, free stuff and more.

    We went to the Wallingford location yesterday and we agree with you, the food was awesome! everyone was super friendly and upbeat, a refreshing change from all the gloom and doom we’ve been spoon fed by the media lately about the economy and jobs. It’s great that the Mesite family decided to bring Sonic to CT. If you can possibly get to Wallingford I highly recommend stopping in, but during the initial “honeymoon period” the traffic will be crazy. Many people were turned away today during the Grand Opening due to the volume of people that showed up. Many who stuck it out reported wait times up to 2 hours to get into a stall. But, once the novelty wears off, we’ll have another great place to get some good food!

  48. Ana

    I just ran by this by luck. My Dad owned Chubby’s Drive-In, where I worked in high school and before that, it was in Northford. Great food, great service, and great memories. It’s really nice when I run into someone, randomly, who remembers the place and always has something nice to say. My dad would have been proud to know the legacy he left behind:)

  49. Post
    Harriman Real Estate

    Wow, small world, Ana! I really miss Chubby’s, I agree with you the food and service were great. I was so sad when it was torn down and the Dunkin Donuts went up, it was like a little piece of Wallingford history died…Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it!

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