The Dangerous Side of Selling Your Home

ShadowyFigureThe process of selling your home, while exciting and (hopefully) profitable, can also be fraught with danger. We’ve written before about how nefarious persons, posing as Realtors, gained unlawful access to homes for sale by owner (FSBO) in order to rob them. This also applies to people who are using the services of a Realtor, as pointed out in this recent blog post by Jay Thompson, Broker/Owner of Thompson’s Realty in Phoenix, Arizona.

The homeowner was outside his home watering the lawn when a nice looking couple drove up and asked to see his home. To his credit, the homeowner referred the couple to his listing agent to make an appointment to see the house. After some casual conversation, the homeowner relented and took them inside the house.

Once inside, the woman diverted the homeowner’s attention so that her partner could assault him from behind, beating him and breaking his cell phone so the man could not alert police. The couple then proceeding to rob the man and got away.

We can’t stress enough to homeowners to use caution and common sense when showing your house, especially if you’re selling it on your own. There are, unfortunately, a lot of not-so-nice people out there who will use any means at their disposal to gain entry to your home and take your valuables. While a Realtor can’t eliminate that risk entirely, they can help you reduce the risk of that happening, even if you don’t want to list your home with one. Ask for advice on how to control access to your home during the selling process. Most Realtors will gladly assist you, and it’s certainly worth the added peace of mind.

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