Wallingford Sonic Drive-In UPDATE!


Wallingford Sonic Drive-In Update

Back in July, we posted the news about a Sonic Drive-In restaurant possibly coming to Wallingford. That news took another step towards reality today with the report that Robert Mesite, owner of the Villa Capri and now-gone Yankee Silversmith restaurants has submitted a site plan for Connecticut’s first Sonic Drive-In to be built on the vacant lot where his landmark Yankee Silversmith once stood.

The proposal is for a 1,700 square foot restaurant with no indoor seating (they roller skate the food to your car, remember?) that Mesite hopes will be completed by next spring. Mesite and his family are also reportedly in negotiations to bring franchises to several other locations in the state as well, so even though Wallingford is fairly centrally located in the state, there may be a time when a Sonic is only a few minutes drive away, no matter where you live.

This is great news for all the Sonic fans in the state that have been salivating over the possibility of Sonic coming here, now it seems their wait may be coming to an end. Better get on over to the Sonic web site now and sign up for that Sonic Cruisers membership, Spring is just around the corner, and your first Route 66 44 upgrade and Cherry Limeade is coming with it!

New Update:  Meriden Record-Journal Report

Newer Update (12/1/09): Plans For Sonic Drive-in Hit a Snag

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  3. Lloyd

    Make sure you attend the P&Z Meeting in January in support of Sonic and express to the P&Z that we want it aprroved.


    SONIC is riding the newest wave …” to the Retro- Future!”
    Retro-Future is hot, its growing, and its everywhere. The SONIC experience remembers the America we thought we had lost…the one that helped us to shape our dreams, build our optimism, and can now satisfy our longing for a real American cuisine.(Which is kind of everybody’s)
    SONIC, Malaysia is waiting for you!

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