Fall Home Maintenance Tips: Part Two

Fall Home Maintenance Tips: Part Two

In the first post about fall home maintenance tips, we focused on the interior of your home. In this post, we will turn our attention to the things you can do outside your home to be sure it’s ready for Autumn and Winter.


(Please keep in mind that some of these tasks may be hazardous if you’re not comfortable with climbing a ladder or being on your roof. Get professional help if you feel it’s necessary!)

  1. Roof: Inspect the roof (either by climbing a ladder or from the ground with binoculars) for damage paintingwalland have it repaired. Check flashings for gaps and repair to prevent water seepage.
  2. Gutters: If you don’t have gutter covers (LeafGuard and Gutter Helmet and two well-known brands), make sure the gutters are not clogged by leaves, sticks, or sediment that may prevent proper drainage. Make sure they are securely fastened to the house and do not leak.
  3. Ensure there is a cap or screening protecting your chimney to prevent birds or other objects from falling into the flue.
  4. Check all painted surfaces and scrape loose paint. Repaint while surfaces are at 50˚F or above to ensure the paint will adhere properly.
  5. Remove and replace any cracked caulking around windows, vents, pipes and doors.
  6. Make sure all exterior vents, filters and dampers are clean and serviceable.
  7. Drain and remove all garden hoses so they don’t freeze and crack; also drain all exterior faucets and turn off the water supply to them.
  8. Remove window air conditioning units or, if removal is not possible, cover the exterior portion of the unit to minimize air drafts.
  9. Seal cracked driveways and sidewalks to prevent further deterioration.
  10. Replace any window screens with storm windows.
  11. Trim back any trees or bushes next to the house.
  12. Consider fertilizing your lawn in the Fall to ensure it has necessary nutrients during the colder months.
  13. Remove leaves from your lawn, especially big ones that can prevent air from getting to your lawn and contribute to insect infestations. Use a mulching mower if possible.
  14. Once you’ve mulched your last leaf of the season, care for that mower, too. Either drain all the gas from the tank, or fill it to the top and add some gas conditioner to prevent condensation from building up in the tank.

As with our interior task list, this is far from being an exhaustive list of things to do. But it’s a start, and completing all the tasks will put you well on your way to a comfy and cozy Winter! And now, another installment of our fave home improvement show, “Tool Time”!

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  1. Rebecca McKinnon

    Great article! Thank you for highlighting the importance of gutter covers from a safety standpoint.  In addition, Gutter Helmet will clean out your gutters before they install the gutter covers so you don’t have to worry about climbing up the ladder.

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  5. James Carr

    Just stumbled upon this article, posted a while ago, but contains great information and always relevant.

    Gutter Covers are a life saver!

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  7. Frank Covert

    Great tips here. I always love doing exterior makeovers cause it means I’ve already finished with the interiors lol. But kidding aside, exterior work requires an ample time because it serves as your homes first layer of protection, and doing it with quality in mind is perhaps the only way to do it.

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