Mortgage Rate Update 2/12/10


Global events in China and Greece had a significant impact on US mortgage markets this week, but in opposite directions. In addition, demand was much weaker than average for the 10-year and 30-year Treasury auctions, which pushed up yields. The net result was a slight increase in mortgage rates from last week.

A surprise announcement Thursday night that China raised bank reserve requirements helped mortgage markets and hurt the stock market. The increase is a form of monetary tightening which is intended to slow economic growth in China. This likely means that China will buy fewer exports from other countries, slowing economic growth globally. Slower expected economic growth reduces inflationary pressures, which is positive for mortgage yields.

In recent weeks, large fiscal deficits in Greece have caused speculation that the country will default on its government debt, which resulted in an investor flight to the relative safety of US bonds. This week, the news that Greece will receive economic aid from other European Union nations prompted investors to reverse this flight to safety by selling US bonds, moving yields higher.

While it caused little immediate reaction, on Wednesday Fed Chief Bernanke revealed monetary policy strategies which may have important long-term implications for mortgage markets. Bernanke released the text of a speech which provided more details about the Fed’s planned methods to tighten monetary policy when the economy has gained enough strength. One of the things the Fed intends to do is sell its portfolio of mortgage-backed securities (MBS). Due to concerns about disrupting mortgage markets, however, Bernanke suggested that this will be one of the last measures taken to tighten policy, and it will be done very gradually.

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Here are this week’s rates:

Friday, February 12th, 2010

All rate quotes are for a 60-day lock with 0 points, 5% down payment, and a 720 FICO score.

Conforming limits are up to a $417,000 loan limit*

30 yr conforming fixed: rate = 4.875% APR = 5.134%

15 yr conforming fixed: rate = 4.375% APR = 4.662%

7/1 yr conforming ARM: rate = 4.250% APR = 4.641%

5/1 yr conforming ARM: rate = 3.875% APR = 4.227%

30 yr FHA Fixed : rate = 4.875 APR = 5.120%

30 yr CHFA w/ 1 pt : rate = 4.375% APR = 4.698%


Jumbo loan limits range from $417,001 to $1,000,000*

30 yr jumbo fixed: rate = 5.625% APR = 6.010%

15 yr jumbo fixed: rate = 5.125% APR = 5.357%

7/1 yr jumbo ARM: rate = 4.750% APR =5.224%


CHFA (Connecticut Housing Finance Authority) rates for the week of February 11 – 17 , 2010

Homebuyer Mortgage Plan:

Interest rate: 4.375 % (APR range 4.475 – 4.875%)

Fees: Up to One Point (1% Origination Fee) * Payable to Lender

Term – 30 years, fixed rate

Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP)

(Rate listed is for DAP loans with Homebuyer Mortgage Program financing.)

Interest rate: 4.375 % (APR range 4.475 – 4.875%)

Fees: Up to $2000 Application Fee * Payable to Lender

Term – 30 years, fixed rate

(NOTE: If at any time the interest rate for the Homebuyer Mortgage Program exceeds 6%, the DAP interest rate will be capped at 6%.)

* Additional fees may apply

*Conforming loan limits listed above are for a single-family owner occupied residence.

Courtesy of The Harriman Team and William Raveis Mortgage

*All rates are subject to change. Minimum down payment and credit score requirements may apply. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified .

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