Ready to Kick Some Asphalt?

Ready to Kick Some Asphalt?

Those who have lived in and around Wallingford for any length of time have probably heard of Willy D’s Photo T’s & NASCAR Collectibles, a racing themed apparel and collectible shop located at 106 South Colony Road in Wallingford. Owners Bill and Barb Doucette are going into their 18th successful year with the store and have recently decided to take their love of NASCAR one step further: to the track!

CT Motorsport Park karts

Having already run a successful indoor go kart track for several years, Bill and Barb began research into the possibility of bringing outdoor performance karting to Wallingford. They were unable to locate any other tracks of that type in Connecticut, so they set out to make plans to open the first one in the state. They secured a location, designed an outdoor track that includes a road course as well as a traditional oval course, and submitted plans for the operation –  to be called CT Motorsport Park – to Wallingford’s Planning & Zoning Board for approval.


One of the criteria for approval was a sound test to ensure that the noise levels from the karts were within acceptable levels. This test was done in early June and passed with flying colors (see a short video of the test here). The P&Z Board then reviewed the proposal in its entirety and about a week or so ago, the proposal got the P&Z stamp of approval.

CY Motorsport Park test race

Situated on nearly 2.5 acres in Wallingford’s Silversmith Park, the track layout will accommodate 4 different courses, including a 1/4 mile oval and a 1/2 mile road course. Bill plans to operate with about 10-15 carts that can negotiate the track in about 50-55 seconds, covering about 4.5 miles in their 9-lap race. There are just some final details to work out, and then the track will be ready to open to the public. More info about CT Motorsport Park can be found at their website, or you can contact Bill Doucette by email at, or by phone at (203) 269-6802.

Life is a is serious!

Watch for more info about the opening, pre-opening specials and more, and get ready to kick some asphalt!

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