Remodeling Projects to Sell Your Wallingford Home – Increase Curb Appeal

Remodeling Projects to Sell Your Wallingford Home – Increase Curb Appeal

(written by Joaquin Erazo, Jr.)

Sorry, Mom. Beauty is more than skin-deep when it comes to selling a home. In fact, it is the difference between a prospective home buyer telling a REALTOR® to “Keep driving!” or “Stop the car!”

There are several exterior home improvement projects that increase your curb appeal and help you sell your Wallingford home. Best of all, these renovations are low cost with a big return.

Before you do anything, park in front of your home with a friend and assess its curb appeal. Is the front door old and faded; do the gutters sag; are the driveway and sidewalk buckled and cracked?

Stone patio

Make a Turn-Key Profit

“Remodeling Magazine” conducts its Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report each year to show “the relationship between remodeling costs and home resale value.” This year’s national data lists entry door replacement as one of the best investments a homeowner can make. While replacing a front door with fiberglass yields slightly more than 65 percent in recouped costs, a steel door (which is a less expensive alternative) typically yields a 128.9 percent return on investment! In other words it is a remodeling project you can potentially make money on during your home’s sale.

Show Buyers You Care for your Home

Home buyers tend to prefer homes that appear well-maintained. This makes sense since ostensibly a well-cared for home potentially presents fewer problems down the road for the new owner.

How Old is Your Roof?

Two of the first tell-tale signs of neglect for any prospective buyer are the roof and gutters. If you find shingles or roofing tiles that are missing, curled, or broken, see mold growing on the roof, or discover damaged flashing around the chimney or vents, take action. You can also look for peeling paint or other signs of water damage near the roof line. Typically, roofs last 12-20 years, longer if architectural shingles are used. If your roof is near or beyond that range, consider replacement before you list your home. Most home remodeling companies or even a local handyman can repair your roof and gutters or completely replace them.

Would the Fashion Police Nix Your Lights?

How dated is your exterior lighting? Maybe that no-polish brass was the rage when you bought your house 20 years ago, but fashion and home decor both change with the times. Flip through a few home magazines for today’s trends, then ask a handyman to help you change exterior lighting fixtures. This small investment pays off because it updates your home’s exterior appearance at a low cost.

Give Your Lawn a Manicure

How tidy is your landscaping? Weeding, raking, mowing, edging, and trimming are all simple projects that help your home look well cared for and neat in appearance. You can boost those efforts even more by adding a few colorful potted plants.

Make Your Home Shout “Come In!”

Even if inside of your home is the nicest in the neighborhood, if a prospective buyer is turned away before even crossing over the threshold, you’ve lost the sale. Contact a remodeling company in Wallingford for estimates on home improvement projects that can help you sell your home faster and have a high return on investment.

Photo courtesy of Case Handyman and Remodeling.


Joaquin Erazo, Jr. is the senior vice president of marketing and public relations at Case Handyman & Remodeling, the country’s largest home remodeling company.


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