Wallingford Sonic Appeal Passes ZBA

UPDATE: Wallingford PZC Approves Sonic Application

So, my wife and I just got back from attending the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting at the Wallingford Town Hall. After an hour of sitting in some rather uncomfortable auditorium chairs, we got the news we had been waiting for:

The Zoning Board of Appeals has passed the variance request we told you about here, and the march to opening Connecticut’s first Sonic Drive-In now moves on to the next Planning & Zoning Committee hearing next month.

We heard opening comments from the ZBA, then Attorney Dennis Ceneviva presented the request for the variance to the board, accompanied by Robert Mesite, managing partner of Sonic of CT, and a gentleman from the engineering firm (whose name I did not get) who will work on the project. There was some initial concern from the board chairman which was quickly allayed, and just one question about the proposed hours of operation from another board member. Then, a Wallingford resident, Ken (sorry Ken, didn’t get your last name!), addressed the board in support of passing the variance request. With little further comment or discussion, the board voted unanimously to allow the variance.

This is great news for all Sonic lovers in Connecticut, and hopefully this was the last big hurdle to overcome before construction can begin. Actually, I think there’s going to be a traffic study done to see if the traffic on Route 5 will be adversely affected by Sonic’s opening, but I don’t think that will be a problem. Most new places that open have initial surges in traffic until the novelty wears off, then it pretty much goes back to normal; it shouldn’t be any different with Sonic.

Kudos to Attorney Ceneviva and Robert and Ralph Mesite for keeping the Wallingford Sonic project on course, and to our new friend Ken for his staunch support of their efforts. Thanks to them, it’s looking more and more like a Cherry Limeade and Sonic burger are in my future plans!

The next meeting on the Sonic project is scheduled for February 8th at 7 P.M. at the Wallingford Town Hall. At this point the meeting is most likely a formality since the P&Z committee did not vote against the Sonic development at the first meeting, they simply wanted more input. Since tonight’s meeting gave them that input, it should be smooth sailing from here on!


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