Wallingford Sonic Drive-In Breaks Sales Record

Wallingford Sonic Drive-In Breaks Sales Records

More Sonic NewsThis past Saturday, July 24th, the Wallingford Sonic Drive-In held a one day Special Grand Opening event from 6 AM to midnight. I figured this event would be well attended, even packed to the gills. It seems I was right.

Today, everyone who is signed up for Sonic’s email newsletter received the following email, and it was also posted on the Sonic of CT web site:

“We would like to thank all of our Sonic Drive-In Fans and Customers¬† who came out to support our ‘Special Grand Opening Event’ on Saturday the 24th.

Because of you, the Wallingford, CT store broke the record for the highest sales in one day for any Sonic Drive-in across the country!

The CT store beat the record that was previously held by Peabody, MA!

We would like you to know we appreciate all your support and business and are proud to have ‘The Sonic Experience’ a part of CT”

Thank you to all our Fans and supporters!!

Sincerely and with Great Appreciation,

The Mesite Family, The Sonic Management Team, Staff and The A-Team Members”

Well, I’d say that’s a pretty good indication of good attendance! It’s saying a lot that the Wallingford store broke a record for ALL Sonic restaurants throughout the United States. That’s over 3,500 locations and counting! But, there is scuttlebutt going around that the record won’t last long, as residents of both the upcoming Manchester and Milford locations are boasting that each will break Wallingford’s record. Will they or won’t they?

I’m betting NO. What do YOU think?

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