Wallingford to Decide Fate of Sonic Drive-In

We spotted the following legal notice posted in the Meriden Record-Journal’s Marketplace:

“The Wallingford Zoning Board of Appeals will hold the following public hearings at their meeting of Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in the Robert Earley Auditorium, Town Hall, 45 South Main Street. 1.    #09-061 Variance request from Mesite Family Limited Partnership for a front yard landscaped area of 25 feet where 50 feet is required (Section 4.16.E.1.a.1), to allow for the proposed site development (Sonic Drive-In, retail/bank building, and office building) at 1033 North Colony Road. Zoned RF-40 2.”

If you’ve been following the progress of the Mesite family’s attempt to bring a Sonic Drive-In to Wallingford, you know that 25 feet of landscaping has the potential to put the kibosh on the whole deal, unless a variance can be obtained. This public meeting will, hopefully, grant that exception so the project can proceed. If the Zoning Board of Appeals votes against it, then you may have to drive a little further to enjoy your Route 44 upgrades…like Milford, or  up on the Berlin Turnpike perhaps, depending on what location is next on the Mesite’s list to develop.

At any rate, if you’re all drooling about having a Sonic in our quaint little burg, hop on down to the Town Hall on January 19th at 7:00 PM to show your support. And bring a friend…or a Cherry Limeade!

[UPDATE: PZC Delays Sonic Decision 1 Month]

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  1. Lloyd

    Hello Wallingford Wired,
    Lets all show up at that ZBA hearing on Sonic and speak up in support of the Variance request .
    Hopefully with enough people at the Public Hearing will make this happen.
    See you all there.

  2. Post
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