Fratelli Pizza Rustica Restaurant, Wallingford CT

Fratelli Pizza Rustica Restaurant, Wallingford CT

I do the cooking at my house. I kind of inherited the position after my wife’s mother passed away in 2007, not because of my skill with a skillet, but because I had the most time to do it. As time passed, I learned my way around the kitchen and now feel much more at home on the range. But sometimes even the best of cooks don’t feel like lighting a burner or chopping veggies.

Last night was such a night. My cooking switch was stubbornly set to “OFF” and could not be budged to “ON”, regardless of how many times I looked in the fridge for inspiration. My meal muse had abandoned me. So, I asked Pat where she was taking me for dinner. After some deep discussion (Pat: “Where do YOU want to go?” Me: “I dunno, where do YOU want to go??” Pat: “I asked you first!” Me: <sigh>), Pat’s eyes lit up and she said, “Fratelli’s!”. She had remembered that we had received a couple of gift certificates for Christmas from Fratelli Pizza Rustica, a local Italian eating establishment, and since we hadn’t been there in a while (and the meal would be FREE), off we went.

Fratelli's ExteriorFratelli Pizza Rustica is located at 950 Yale Avenue in Yale Plaza, one of several eateries and other businesses that populate the plaza. When we arrived we were warmly greeted by the hostess and immediately shown to our table. Menus and some ice water appeared quickly, but since we had already checked out their menu on-line, we already knew what we wanted. As soon as we ordered, our waiter brought us some piping hot Italian bread with some soft butter (Yes, SOFT butter!! Other restaurants that bring you butter that you could break a window with, take note!!). It was melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and we made short work of it while waiting for our meal, the House “Works” pizza. About 10 minutes later it arrived, and we could only marvel at the amount of toppings on it! We had ordered a medium (16 inch), and it was easily as big as some big box pizzeria’s large pie. Feast your eyes on this baby:


Now, does that look scrumptious or what? It comes with sausage, peppers, onions, pepperoni, bacon and meatballs, but me being the adventurous type, I ordered mushrooms (or as Pat calls them, “critters”) on my half as well. Paired with the Amstel Light beers we had, this was a fantastic meal: the crust was light and chewy, the toppings well cooked and very tasty. However, it was filling, whether from the Italian bread appetizer we had or from the copious piles of toppings we weren’t sure, but we only managed two pieces each before we had to give it up. The rest came home with us to be put to rest at lunch today! All in all, it was an long overdue return to an excellent restaurant, and we’ll certainly be going back again soon!

Fratelli Pizza Rustica is open Monday through Thursday from 11 AM to 10 PM and Friday and Saturday from 11 AM to 11 PM. They are closed Sundays. They offer delivery service from 11 AM to 2 PM with a $15 minimum, and they can be reached at (203) 697-9365. They take reservations, but only for parties of five or more. Their full menu offers other mouth-watering dishes besides pizza, including steak, chicken, veal, pasta and fish, soups and salads, stuffed breads, grinders and calzones. If you and some friends want a place to get together for a great meal or just a drink at the bar, Fratelli Pizza Rustica is a great destination!



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  9. Simmon Campbell

    I’ve actually been to Fratelli’s before! A good friend of mine lived nearby, in Cheshire, for – oh, had to been 10 years or so. He moved away a couple of months but I was up there not too long ago to visit him and his wife. The calzones at Fratelli’s are to die for. It’s good to see the place get a mention here and there online.

  10. Post
    Harriman Real Estate

    They do have some good food, that’s for sure, Simmon! I haven’t had the calzones yet, I’ll have to give them a try! Some of the other menu items look good too, and the portions are good sized. I’m still drooling over the fresh Italian bread, hot right out of the oven!

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