Home Remodeling Choices That Make Your Wallingford Home Feel More Spacious

remodeled garageIf you’re looking for a new home in Wallingford, you may not have the funds to make it your dream home. There’s no reason to sacrifice your needs, though. If you think outside of the box, you might be able to find the home that will work for you by making just a few tweaks.

Finish an attic or basement. Home remodeling can add the rooms to your home that you need the most. Attics can make great guest bedrooms, offices, and art studios because of the ability to add dormers and skylights. Basements are naturally darker, so they can provide sleeping space, too, in addition to television rooms/home theaters, game rooms, and bars/entertaining rooms. Often these changes require little more than waterproofing and paint.

Convert your garage. Worried your garage will turn into a disorganized storage area and place to dump stuff you plan to give away, making it impossible to park the car in there anyway? Garages are often one of the largest spaces in the home, so they can convert into wonderful master suites, guestrooms, spacious kitchens, sunny three-season rooms, or even auxiliary apartments. Home remodeling often forgets to include the possibilities created by garage spaces.

Decrease clutter with creative storage spaces. Clutter makes a home feel disorganized, stressful, messy, and less spacious. Devise a plan to use every extra space possible to create more storage. Many Wallingford homes need more storage space. Building drawers and cabinets right into your walls will free up floor space and reduce the clutter created by numerous pieces of furniture.

Additional tips for creating space. Hire a home remodeling consultant to help you plan. Add windows, skylights, and attached covered outdoor areas. Take out walls to combine kitchens and living rooms. Use beams to display houseplants. Hang mirrors in smaller rooms to make them look twice as large.

Photo courtesy of Case Handyman & Remodeling.

Joaquin Erazo, Jr. is the senior vice president of marketing and public relations at Case Handyman & Remodeling, the country’s largest home remodeling company.


  1. Jared

    Converting the garage is a great idea when you’re looking for more room. Agreed, it does definitely take some outside of the box thinking to make it work though.

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