Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday, March 11th!

Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday, March 11th!

Set your clocks ahead one hour on Sunday, March 11th at 2am

Once again it’s time for that most hated of all Spring-time activities, the Springing Forward of the Clock, otherwise known as Daylight Saving Time. This year, the dreaded date and time is 2 AM on Sunday, March 11th. For the next 8 months we get to look forward to the wondrous day in November (the 4th, to be exact) when we can recoup that lost hour of time and stay in bed just a little bit longer and laugh at the alarm clock. I’m already looking forward to it.

If you’re one of us the many people who don’t exactly like the lost hour, you have a couple of choices:

1. Move to either Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, or American Samoa…these places have chosen not to participate in Daylight Saving Time, or

2. Move to Kyrgyzstan, a land-locked, mountainous, central Asian country about the size of South Dakota. Somebody set their clocks ahead one hour in 2005 and I guess they forgot to set them back the following November and no one noticed, so they now observe Daylight Saving Time all the darn time.

OK, so there IS a third option. Set your durned clock ahead on the 11th, get an hour less sleep and wake up all grumbly and curmudgeonly, take a shower, get dressed and DEAL WITH IT!

Daylight Saving Time

What a life.

Is it November yet?

How other places deal with Daylight Saving Time

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