Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser at Harry’s Sports Grill

Hurrican Sandy is gone, but some much remains to be done. Join us for dinner for a great cause!

The Northeast is almost a month removed from the destructive winds and driving rains of Hurricane Sandy, and the area is in varying stages of recovery, but there are many communities still in need of assistance, from the New Jersey shore to Rhode Island. To aid in the relief efforts, Harry’s Sports Bar & Grill is hosting a hurricane relief fundraiser and donation dinner at their location in the Holiday Inn in North Haven.

On November 29th from 5PM to 9PM, come for dinner and Harry’s will set aside 10% of their proceeds as a Hurricane Relief Fund. In addition to this, they are also looking for donations of blankets, jackets, cleaning supplies, personal care items, diapers, and any other items that they will then donate to FEMA and the American Red Cross.

Donate your unneeded blanket, jackets, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. to storm victims.Also, the Verizon Wireless Zone of Wallingford will have a Wheel of Fortune set up; for a small donation of $2 – $5 you can spin the wheel with a chance to walk away with some great gifts, from a gift certificate all the way up to an iPhone!

So please consider grabbing some friends and heading to Harry’s Sports Bar & Grill on November 29th to enjoy some great food and fun for a good cause!

For directions to Harry’s Sports Bar & Grill, click HERE.

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