Porkapalooza Comes to Villa Capri in Wallingford

They’ve hosted wedding receptions, dinners, and galas galore, and more recently the hugely popular “Pizza Madness” culinary contests. But now, Wallingford’s Villa Capri Restaurant is adding another culinary event to its growing repertoire. On May 16th from 5:30pm to 7:45pm, seven popular local restaurants from Wallingford and Meriden will come together and battle it out to see who can devise the best pork based specialty in the land, from pulled pork to ribs and everything in between!

Porkapalooza Comes to Wallingford CTBehold, Porkapalooza!

Here is a list of the entrants for the first of what is sure to be a gastronomic delight:


Attendees and a panel of elite judges will deliberate over all the piggish fixings and squeal with delight as they come up with a winner in four categories:

  • Best Overall (Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice)
  • Best Pulled Pork (People’s Choice)
  • Best Ribs (People’s Choice)
  • Best Specialty Dish (People’s Choice)

Entrance fee for this grand event is $10, and there will be a DJ, a cash bar, and a trivia contest. So far, the judges include Joe Berg of ARC Eatery and K. LeMay’s owner Kevin LaMay. Like the Pizza Madness and Cheeseburger contests before it, this promises to provide lots of fun and good food so come on down to Villa Capri on Wednesday, May 16th at 5:30pm and cast your vote for your favorite “other white meat” recipe! (No “pork barrel politics” allowed!)

Some pork facts:

  • Pork is the most widely consumed meat in the world.
  • It is estimated that there are over 2 billion pigs on the  planet today.
  • Pigs are thought to be dirty animals, mostly because of their tendency to lay in mud, but are actually very clean. They roll in mud to keep their skin cool because they have no sweat glands and to protect it from the sun.
  • Pork tenderloin is just as lean a skinless chicken breast.
  • On average, 371 servings of pork can be gotten from one 265-pound market hog.
  • The word “barbecue” come from the French, “de barbe et queue”, meaning “from head to tail”, reflecting the fact that pigs can pretty much be consumed from head to toe.
  • The largest hog ever recorded was a Poland China boar in Tennessee named Big Bill. He was 9 feet long and weighed 2,552 pounds.
  • Pigs were first introduced to this country in 1539 by Hernando de Soto.

“Mark the calendar, save the date, see you there and don’t be late!”

Villa Capri, Wallingford CT

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    Harriman Real Estate

    Thanks Gina, we couldn’t attend due to previous commitments but we hope it was as good as the other events you’ve had! Will read about it in the Record-Journal in the morning!

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