Wallingford Family, Holiday Decorators Extraordinaire, Need Your Help

Anyone who has ever traveled south on South Elm Street in Wallingford eventually comes to the intersection of that road with Pond Hill Road, which turns due east on its way to Lyman Hall High School, Dag Hammarskjold Middle School and other points in East Wallingford. If you’ve hit that intersection any time between, say, October 1st and December 31st you’ve also seen the fenced in yard on the corner full (and I mean FULL!) of either Halloween or Christmas decorations. And you’ve probably seen more than a few kids meandering between the gravestones and ghosts, or between the elves and reindeer, eyes dancing with delight, smiles on their face wider than Santa’s broad belly. And you’ve probably smiled as you watched, almost a kid yourself again.

Halloween at the Mercier House

That humungous display has been put out every year for the last 20 or so years courtesy of John and Linda Mercier, and this year was no different, although the Halloween display was a tad smaller than usual. But this year, the Christmas display may be in jeopardy; the yard sits sadly empty now, and it just doesn’t seem like the holidays any more. You see, John fell about 20 feet off a ladder while taking down some Halloween decorations and suffered injuries to his face, eyes and arm. Already nearly blind in one eye, he will need surgery to repair his arm and then will need rehabilitation to regain full movement. He’s currently in Yale’s ICU and then, once stable, will most likely be moved to a nursing home or rehab center.

Christmas Display at the Mercier House

The couple was already having a hard year financially, and with Linda partially disabled and confined to a wheelchair most of the time, it has become difficult for them to make ends meet. Linda’s church has offered to pay for her gas to make the daily trip to the hospital, while neighbors have pitched in helping with household chores, but more is needed. Many have asked how they can help the Mercier’s out financially, so our friends, the Pitt Family at Wallingford Computer, are taking donations for this generous family at their place of business. If you would like to help out, please make out a check to Linda Mercier and either drop it off at Wallingford Computer or mail it to them at 428 No. Colony Road, Wallingford CT 06492. There is no minimum amount to donate, feel free to give whatever you can afford. In their time of need, after giving of themselves so selfishly for so many years, the Mercier’s will be grateful for anything you can give.

...and this is what the Mercier house looked like today as I drove by...

For more info or if you have any questions, please contact Jason Zandri at jason@zandri.net, and he will follow up with the Pitt family. Thanks for reading, and may you have a blessed holiday season.

[UPDATE 2/8/13: John is home now after a long stint in a convalescent home, and according to his doctor, he is lucky to be alive. We wish him well and hope he can fully recover from this terrible accident.]

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