What’s For Lunch in Wallingford?

Being the sucker for good food that I am, I’m always happy when I find a new place that serves up good grub. While out running errands today, the wife and I decided to try out a relatively new eatery in town, a place with the quaintly endearing name of “Knuckleheads”. We knew it had opened up back in December 2011, but hadn’t had a chance to try it out yet, so we thought today was a good day to do so, and we weren’t disappointed.

Knuckleheads Logo

Named after owner Anthony Morgillo’s adopted pit bull, the restaurant is tucked away on the lower end of Center Street and sports a rather unimposing exterior that belies the eclectic menu of food and drink awaiting you inside. The menu sports sandwiches like “The Mean Picholine”, “The Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese”, and “The Smoked Cuban”, while the beer list offered up “Porkslap Pale Ale”, “Arrogant Bastard” and “Hop Stoopid”, making the Bud and Guinness on the list appear positively pedestrian.

Inside Knuckleheads, Wallingford CT

My wife opted for the Smoked Cuban, a huge panini-like sandwich with pulled pork and ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, mayo and mustard. It was very good, crunchy and full of flavors, and too much for a single sitting, for sure. I chose a simple Buffalo Chicken wrap that packed just enough heat for this spicy food lover thanks to the cooling effects of the bleu cheese crumbles mixed in with the chicken, along with some colossal battered onion rings. All in all, a flavor-filled, belly-buster of a lunch that ensured that I’d be making a return trip soon.

Inside Knuckleheads, Wallingford CT

Other interesting menu items include the namesake Knucklehead burger, the Wally Steak & Cheese, the Lethal Ingestion wings, and a plethora of hot dogs with toppings ranging from bacon to guacamole, sour cream to pineapple. Truly, this place has something for everyone! The portions are more than generous, the service is friendly and quick, and the food simply tastes great. Give it try soon!

Knuckleheads menu

Knuckleheads is located at 80 Center Street in Wallingford. For more info or to order take-out, call 203-793-7623. Also, you can like their Facebook page HERE.

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