A Heartfelt Thank You from John and Linda Mercier

Mercier Halloween displayRegular readers of this blog will remember my post from back in November of last year telling of the plight of the Mercier family. As a little background, John and Linda Mercier live in a home at the corner of South Elm Street and Pond Hill Road in Wallingford. They have a large fenced in yard where every Halloween and Christmas they put out a large assortment of decorations that are a source of surprise and delight to both young and old. This year they put out their Halloween decorations as usual, but during the process of taking them down John fell off a ladder, sustaining serious injuries to his face, eyes and arm that required surgery and many weeks of rehabilitative therapy.

It is with great joy that I tell you that John has recently been released from the rehabilitation center and is back home with Linda. All during his convalescence, both adults and children from throughout Wallingford sent get well cards, donations to help defray medical expenses, and kept John and Linda in their thoughts and prayers, hoping that he would recover from his injuries. And while there is still some rehabilitation ahead, John is doing much better and we hope he can heal enough to once again delight us with his amazing holiday displays. John and Linda wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported them throughout this difficult time, and they have therefore made this video to acknowledge the prayers and generosity of the many friends and supporters they have in this community…Welcome Home, John!

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