Harriman Real Estate LLC Joins Heroes Home Advantage Network

Harriman Real Estate LLC Joins Heroes Home Advantage NetworkPat and I are both proud to have a lot of military experience in our backgrounds: I am a Viet Nam era veteran and have a son who also served in the military, while Pat’s first husband was a veteran and her daughter also served and her son is still on active duty. It’s a part of our lives that has had a huge impact on our entire family and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This military connection is why we are excited to announce that we are now affiliated with Heroes Home Advantage.

What is Heroes Home Advantage?

Heroes Home Advantage is a real estate rebate program for those that protect, serve and care for our country and community: military, law enforcement, firefighters, health care, emergency personnel and teachers. Qualified heroes will receive a 25% rebate of our company’s commission for the purchase or sale of a home, savings up to $5,000.

Who is eligible?

Here is a list of professions that qualify!

Military –
Active Duty
Veteran (served and honorably discharged)
National Guard

Law Enforcement –
Police Officer
Prison Guard
State Trooper
County Sheriff

Firefighters –

First Responders –

Healthcare Professionals –
Doctor (all forms of medical doctors)
Home Health Aide

Teachers –
Teacher’s Aide
Guidance Counselor

What other discounts are available?

We also have a network of other professionals, such as mortgage lenders, home inspectors, attorneys, and others who offer discounts off their services to those eligible for this program. You can choose to use one of them or one of your own choosing, it’s totally up to you. We will never tell you you MUST use a professional in the HHA network, ever.

Our lives have been affected by so many who put their lives on the line for us every day, and we are proud to offer this program to them. If you are currently in the market to buy or sell a home, we invite you to call us to see if you qualify for Heroes Home Advantage discounts.


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