Art Open House for Alyssa Davison

Alyssa Davison Art Open House

Once again it is our pleasure to feature the work of another local artist on our “Wallingford Inspires…” art wall, Alyssa Davison. Alyssa is a life-long Wallingford resident and a high school student in the Wallingford Education Enhancement Program. Alyssa’s art is as unique and bold as she is, and she creates it in a rather unorthodox way.

“Digital art is my favorite medium, and I create all my art on an iPhone app called Medibang Paint,” she says. “My work is an extension of my emotions, or a scene I daydreamed while listening to music. Each new piece I do adds to my skills to be used in future work.” We’d say her skills are doing just fine.

As we do with all our artists, we are holding an art open house for Alyssa so everyone can see her beautiful artwork. Read on for details…

When: Friday, April 22nd 2016

Hours: 5:00PM to 7:00PM

Where: Harriman Real Estate LLC office, 116 Center Street, Wallingford

Who’s Invited: Everyone!

Who to contact: Pat Harriman, 203-605-3873

We hope you will join us at Harriman Real Estate, LLC to enjoy the original creations of Alyssa Davison. She will be there to greet her guests, and light refreshments will be provided. Below are examples of just two of her work.

Alyssa Davison Art Open House

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