Harriman Real Estate LLC Announces 2015 Annual Agent Awards

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing this post announcing the 2014 annual agent awards, but here it is a year later and things have only gotten better for us here at Harriman Real Estate: we began our Heroes Home Advantage rebate program which gave back over $37,000 to our local heroes; we added several more amazing agents to our growing family; overall performance was up by more than a whopping 70%; and we again honored our community by featuring six more local artists on our “Wallingford Inspires” art wall. All in all it was a year to remember, and we owe it all to the most amazing group of agents anyone could ask for. It’s an honor to work with them, and it is our great pleasure to recognize the best of the best, our top agents for total listings, total sales, December 2015 agent of the month, and 2015 agent of the year:

December 2015 Agents of the Month:

Mikell Germond & Megan Foggitt

Annual Agent Awards - December 2015 Agents of the Month

2015 Buyers Agent of the Year:

Stacey & Tyler McPherson

Annual Agent Awards - 2015 Buyers Agents of the Year

2015 Listing Agent of the Year:

Christine Zygmont-Ross

Annual Agent Awards - 2015 Listing Agent of the Year

2015 Agent of the Year:

Christine Zygmont-Ross

Annual Agent Awards - 2015 Agent of the Year

Congratulations to all of these dedicated agents! We are so proud of them for the results they have achieved and the leadership they show every day. They’ve set the bar high and we know there’s no limit to what they can achieve going forward. Well done, and thank you for joining us at Harriman Real Estate LLC!


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