25th Annual Hyperflite Skyhoundz Frisbee Dog Competition

23rd Annual Hyperflite Skyhoundz Frisbee Dog CompetitionUPDATE: Due to the inclement weather on July 25th and 26th, the 25th annual Frisbee Dog event has been postponed until Wednesday August 22nd at 6:00pm at Doolittle Park. They will still provide free ice cream to the first 100 families at this event.

When I was a kid, we had a dog who loved to chase frisbees.

Notice I said “chase”, not “catch”.

If you threw the frisbee, Shep would run underneath it and watch it until it hit the ground, then he’d wait until it was finished bouncing, rolling, skidding or otherwise came to a full stop before he’d pick it up and bring it back to you, covered in doggy drool, and drop it at your feet, waiting for you to launch it into space again.

Those were the days…

Well, if you can relate to my Heinz 57 mutt and maybe have one yourself that actually catches the frisbee BEFORE it hits the ground, then this event just might be for you.

On Wednesday, July 25th from 6 – 8:30 PM, the Wallingford Department of Parks & Recreation will hold their Annual Hyperflite Skyhoundz Frisbee Dog Competition at Doolittle Park. Sponsored by Hyperflite, the premiere maker of doggie flying discs, this will be the 25th edition of this amazing competition to find the area’s best frisbee fetcher. At the first event in 1993 there were six competitors, but now this contest has grown to over fifty frisky entrants, and they can’t wait to see that first disc whizz into the air! Be sure to bring along a picnic lunch and watch all sorts of leaps, bounds and amazing catches by some talented animals. In celebration we will be handing out a personalized Parks and Recreation dog bowl to the first 100 families. With this brand new fresh dog bowl you will be able to enter the ICE CREAM EMERGENCY VAN, and make your own personal family ice cream sundae free of charge!

To help beat the heat, there will be water pools available for the dogs to cool off in, and the competition rounds will be 60 seconds each and not back-to-back.

All dogs must be on a leash when not competing. Registration is open to anyone who is interested in seeing how their K-9 companion matches up against the best of the best, and Hyperflite will provide plaques to the top three finishers. In case of rain, the event will be held Thursday, July 26th.

By the way, my Shep would NOT have gotten a plaque…

Click below to find Doolittle Park:

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